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Nail Technician

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Program Title: Manicuring, Pedicure and Nail Extension Specialty

Admission Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED or Equivalent. Persons without High School Diploma or GED must meet ability to benefit requirements. The TABE Basic Skills Test with passing grade of 75%, for those 16 years of age or older with no High School diploma or GED will be administered by independent source

Description: This course is 240 hours to meet the Florida State Board Requirements. It includes training in manicures, pedicures and nail extensions. It teaches proper work habits and trains for competency in entry level positions as a Nail Technicians. Upon graduation student will receive a diploma.

Purpose: To provide a quality education that prepares the student to pass the state board exam, and receive a License. To teach students who are prepared, confident and ready to have a successful career in the nail care and salon industry.

State of Florida Requirements: Artistic School of Nails & Cosmetology, Inc. offers the following course requirements:

Course NS300 Florida Law (5 hours) This course teaches the Florida State Laws and Regulations in nail care.

Course NS301 Sanitation and Sterilization (15 Hours) this course covers the correct way to sanitize and sterilize implements, reviews the types of bacteria and covers the Milady chapter on sanitation and disinfection.

Course NS302 Acrylic Applications (70 hours and 40 Services) This Course teaches how to sculpture a nail, how to use forms, how to apply product and shape the nail. It also teaches wrapping and mending on artificial and natural nails. The course teaches artificial nail removal. Nail art is also included

Course NS303 Manicures and Pedicures (50 hours and 25 services) This Course teaches how to manicure and how to pedicure, proper sanitation of implements and how to set up stations. It also covers product use and safety

Course NS304 Nail Extensions (25 hours and 30 services) this course teaches how to apply tips, properly shape the tips and apply the overlay.

Course NS305 Nail Disorders Related Chemistry (65 hours) this course instructs in nail theory and diseases of the nail. It also covers related subjects.

Course NS306 Aids Education (4 hours) this course teaches the cause of HIV and AIDS.

Course NS307 Salon Management and Ethics (6 Hours) this course teaches sales skill and relations in business. It also teaches professionalism in the work force. Personal improvement, client confidentiality and honesty are included.

Florida State Law Requirements: Florida State Law requires that students have 240 hours of training and graduate from a licensed cosmetology school with a Diploma to qualify for an Initial Nail Care Diploma.

This license is protected, but must be renewed every other year

Evaluation Methods: Students must maintain an average of 80% on theory tests and pass a final written and practical exam before graduating. All missed tests and assignments must be made up.

Grading: A score of 80% to 100% is passing. 75% and below is failing

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